When Tipsy Leads to Intoxication

Jesse, a mild-mannered study geek, never went to any of his college campus parties or events. He was shy and introverted and did not really feel comfortable around many women. He really wanted the attention of a woman but did not really know how to go about pursuing women. He also longed for the courage to attend a campus party.

Jesse’s roommate was totally the opposite. He was outgoing, bringing different women to his dormitory room on a regular basis. He went to all the parties, knew at least 90 percent of the student body, and drank alcohol excessively. His grades suffered because of his partying.

Jesse did not really admire his roommate but wanted to be like him in many ways. He wished he had more swag in getting women. One day he asked his roommate if he could go along with him to a party. His roommate, Kevin said, “Sure, just let me know when you want to go.”

Jesse had taken notice of parties frequently thrown at a nightclub near the student alliance center. Students frequently threw parties at the club. He asked Kevin if he ever attended their parties. Kevin responded that he had attended them, assuring Jesse that they were very cool; and said that many good-looking college girls attended the parties.

That Friday, Kevin and Jesse decided to meet and check out one of the parties. At first, Jesse was extremely nervous around all the beautiful campus girls. Kevin, sensing Jesse’s nervousness, offered him a beer. Jesse said, “Why not? I sure could use one to help me loosen up.” After drinking the beer, he instantly noticed that he felt more comfortable and less fearful of the thought of approaching women. He still was not quite there, yet. Kevin could tell, and offered him a mixed drink, which he had just bought, but had not consumed yet. Jesse asked him, “What kind of drink is this?” Kevin responded, “A rum and Coke.” Jesse took the drink and slammed it down his throat. He started thinking, “Wow, man, I like this feeling.” All of the sudden, he was not shy anymore. He decided to approach a tall, leggy blond, who was standing alone. This way, no one else would know if she rejected him.

As he predicted, she told him she was not interested in him. He walked away thinking to himself, “I bet the next girl won’t reject me.” He decided to approach a short brunette and introduced himself, following the introduction with a compliment. She introduced herself, smiled, and batted her eyes. Jesse began thinking, “I think she is flirting with me.” He asked her for a dance, and she said, “Sure, I would love to.” They danced to four songs. Afterward, she said she needed to talk to her friends. He said, “Fine, I’ll see you around.” He felt so cool and powerful; how could he, the nerd of the year get a girl as fine as she to dance with him? He caught up with Kevin, and they went for another rum and Coke. After about six shots, and five dances with different girls, he decided to go after the short brunette. She was standing alone, and he thought to himself, “This would be a good time to step up to her. Maybe I can get her to join me in my room. I know it will be my first time, but I am feeling so good.” Jesse went to the brunette and asked her for another dance.

He finally mustered up the courage to ask her to stop by his room to hang out. She said, “Ok, but I can’t stay long.” When they went to his room, it occurred to him that he wanted another drink. He decided to go down the hall to a friend’s room and came back with a couple of bottles of beer.

He woke up the next day to constant, loud banging on the door. Someone yelled, “Open the door, it’s the police!” The police suddenly burst through his dorm room door and yelled, “Put your hands behind your back. You are under arrest for rape!”

A thousand thoughts raced through Jesse’s head. “Rape in Georgia is a felony that carries 20 years. What will my parents think? What about my entire family? I cannot go from being a college student to a criminal. Why didn’t I pay attention to the amount that I drank? At what point did I go from relaxed to intoxicated? What was I thinking? I will get raped in prison. I cannot believe this is happening. I know that I did not rape her, or did I? On my…”

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