“I Never Thought Being a ‘Collegepreneur’ Would Hurt So Good!”

Chapter One

Help! My money is tight!

The high cost of college is probably the driving force for your entrepreneurial aspirations. You can always consider getting a job, but if creating and earning money as a collegepreneur appeals to you, then it can be a very lucrative option. This chapter is an overview of the many methods you can employ to decrease college costs, while pursuing entrepreneurial ventures.

It can seem pretty discouraging when you look around and see your non-college-educated peers riding around in their Hondas, and you are using public transportation to get around. They have full-time jobs, and you have full-time studies. They have money for dating and dining out whereas, you have money for research and dining in. Whatever you do, stay focused.

The average college graduate earns $20,000 more annually than their non-degree-holding peers. They also earn $2 million over their working lifetime, which is $1 million, more than their non-college educated peers. In the end, you will probably skip past the Hyundai, and go straight to the Acura. Patience is always the key to success. Sacrifice and self-discipline are extremely important components of successful people. Most college graduates have these attributes. College is expensive. Every aspect of college is expensive— from tuition, books, and sports, to meals, fraternal organizations, and dating. Many student centers offer employment opportunities for college students to work as tutors. This can be a great source of income. Peruse the many part-time employment opportunities offered at your college. They can potentially become part-time business opportunities for you.

Tuition and fees have risen dramatically over the past fifteen years. It is important to research all available forms of financial aid, including scholarships, grants, and student loans. You may qualify for scholarships that you never even heard of. This is also a potential business opportunity. When I was in college, I owned a scholarship searching business and had fun helping other students find scholarships, while getting paid. There are scholarships that are offered to the offspring of U.S. veterans, and the offspring of members of various social clubs.

A few websites that offer information on obtaining various scholarships are: www.scholarshipexperts.com












For information on financial aid, visit the following sites:







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