Common Mistakes College Students Make, Part 3

Trying to be a trooper and ignoring major injuries

Whether you play sports for your college or not, if you suffer from an injury you should seek professional medical help. The key word here is professional. You may be capable of nursing most of your own wounds, but a medical professional should be sought when in doubt.

There is nothing worse than being sick while at college. You can call your mom for advice, but unless she is nearby, you’re stuck. It is best to learn about diseases that occur commonly among students. You need to learn about diseases that are contagious, how to prevent spreading and catching them, and how to treat them.

Some of the most common health concerns are allergies, sinus problems, headaches, abdominal problems, athlete’s foot, burns, and depression.

Enrolling in online classes before its time

Online learning requires a substantial amount of discipline. This method of education is usually recommended for working professionals. If you are not self-motivated to complete assignments, then an online environment is probably not the best place for you.

First of all, before enrolling in an online course, you need to do a thorough self-assessment. You should ask yourself the following questions and be completely honest with yourself.

· Are you a disciplined learner?

· Do you wait until the last minute to study for tests?

· Do you wait until the last minute to complete assignments?

· Would you be more comfortable with face-to-face interactions with your instructor?

· Do you need a more hands-on classroom-learning environment?

· Do you prefer face-to-face interactions with peers in an intimate classroom setting?

It takes a substantial amount of maturity to successfully complete online courses. First of all, the instructor gives you assignments, and you complete them at your own pace, in an independent manner, outside of the classroom setting. You are responsible for motivating yourself to keep up with the pace in which the instructor conducts the class and gives assignments.

Spending money that you don’t have

When dating, consider going Dutch. You can save a lot of money when someone else splits the bill with you. Society has taught us that men generally pay the bills, but there is a big difference in the pocketbooks of a full-time employee and a college student.

Consider dating on campus. Many colleges have their own movie theatres, concert halls, and auditoriums. They also have their own campus band, symphony orchestra, dance troupes, and drama clubs that give performances right on campus. This will help you save a bundle of money.

Don’t be afraid to dine away from campus. Just do it in moderation. I have compiled a list of dirt-cheap restaurants that won’t cause too much damage to a college student’s wallet.

© 2018 Dr. Pamela Jewell

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