Collegepreneurs: The Millennial Hustlers

What does it mean to be a ‘collegepreneur’? A collegepreneur is a college student who has an entrepreneurial spirit. This type of student is not afraid to get out and get his or her money. ‘Collegepreneur’, which is a word that I coined, is a combination of the words, college and entrepreneur. Collegepreneurs are go-getters and they achieve in spite of anything. They achieve financially, while simultaneously setting goals for academic achievement. They are not paralyzed by fear. Fear is a dangerous emotion that can be crippling. Fear has prevented people from reaching their full potential. Fear has crippled even the best of us. Collegepreneurs experience fear just like entrepreneurs. Their goal is to overcome and defeat fear.

Entrepreneurship can be a great way to raise extra money. When college students have skills, such as editing papers and typing them, they can advertise and make extra money providing this service to fellow students. They can also barter, or exchange, services for the goods and services that other students provide. Many college campuses have a small business development office. They provide advice on starting a small business, marketing various services and managing a business. The new millennial mindset oftentimes involves entrepreneurship. Many colleges and universities offer classes in entrepreneurship and business ownership. Back in my day this was unheard of. Colleges prepared students for careers, whereas today, students are being prepared for business ownership.

Students are being taught how to write a business plan for the development and growth of their own business. College students are being encouraged to enter “entrepreneurship contests” to display and compete with others, while revealing their inventions. The book, “I Never Thought Being a ‘Collegepreneur’ Would Hurt So Good!” was written with the intention of exposing ambitious college students to opportunities. Opportunities that will enable them to use their talents, hobbies, skills, and passions to create and earn money. Learning to create and earn money using your passions is an invaluable gift that students should develop at a young age. Studies have shown that working adults with full-time careers value the ability to earn extra money using their passions. This book begins with a plethora of ideas on how to save money. Saving money is creating money! Saving money is earning money! The money that you creatively learn how to save can be parlayed into growing and building your business idea. In this book, I have included quotes, many of which were used in the first book that I wrote, “I Never Thought College Would Hurt So Good!” I have also included self-reflection tasks, as it is important for students to reflect on decisions before making them. Read this book and get started making money using your talents, hobbies, skills, and passions. I have included a journal/checklist of tasks to complete to get you started on your journey to entrepreneurship.

© 2018 Dr. Pamela Jewell

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