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Writing, speaking, teaching, coaching, and parenting are my passions! Teaching students from ages one to eighteen has been my passion for over twenty-two years. As a self-published author since 2005, I have written motivational books and articles about various topics, such as college survival, careers, parenting, teaching, and healthy living.


I Never Thought College Would Hurt So Good! is full of "hard lessons" and "pearls of wisdom" for surviving good and bad choices that many students make at such an early time period in their lives. This book tells the good, bad, and the ugly that comes with the college experience here in the United States and abroad.

I give high-energy, motivational speaking engagements and training to schools, nonprofits and corporations. My first book, I Never Thought College Would Hurt So Good! Is about college survival. I wrote this book with the intention of motivating students to attend and finish college or trade school. It is important for teens to understand that they should plan for their future so that they will not always have to depend on their parents. This book is quite suitable for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors that are college or trade school bound. It is also good reading for college students.

I have earned Orton-Gillingham Certification through the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education:

Educational and Tutoring Services offered for ages 4-18:

Special Education Services offered through Babies Can't Wait, ages up to 3, Georgia Department of Public Health

  • Higher level spelling rules

  • Syllabication patterns for encoding and decoding

  • Morphology- affixes, Latin and Greek bases

  • Vocabulary

Surviving College


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